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The Dismal Autumn Dream

The Dismal Autumn Dream is an adventure type race. When standing at the start line, one might do well to consider the wise words spoken by Ronald Reagan: "The future doesn't belong to the fainthearted; it belongs to the brave."

Starting Times


Checkpoints Published 16.10.2020

Checkpoints (Excel 97-2003 format)
Checkpoints (OpenDocument Spreadsheet format)
Forbidden fruits
Ratamestarien kootut ajatukset / Course masters' last words (in Finnish)
Pelastussuunnitelma / Rescue plan (in Finnish)

-Course masters' last words and Rescue plan only Finnish; no translation planned.
-Distances are straight line distances ("as the crow flies"). Real outcome, depending on one's orienteering skills and will to take short cuts, should be around indicated distances...

2020 Race Info

(for general info about the race, scroll down)

30.10.2020 - 01.11.2020. Starting on Friday evening at 19:00 hours. Due to corona we will split the starting times between 19:00 - 21:00. Details after the registration closes, i.e. on Sunday 25.10. Keep tuned!!!
In the competition centre -namely registration- we strongly recommend use of a mask.

Competion centre: Keräkankareen hiihtomaja, Veikontie 86, 03850 Pusula. Start and finish at the same place.

2020 Special: When you reach the finish line, don't be worried: you'll not have yet reached the finish line. At the end there'll still be a small extra task waiting for you. Note: you'll receive the directions to complete this task then (i.e. when you think, and hope, to be at the finish!).

Classes: 50T, 100T, 150T (T = foot) & 50P, 100P, 150P (P = bike). Distances roughly 50 km, 100 km, 150 km...

Time limit: 24 hours, except with 150T which has time limit of 30 hours. Time limit is up to, when you think being at finish; the 2020 Special (which can take some time...) can be completed during overtime.

We have a participant limit of 100.
Registration: Send an email to the race director ( or by snail (real) mail (Suinulan Teräsmies, Karhuniityntie 13, Espoo). Note: receiving an actual lettermin post would definitely be a nice, positive surprise to the race director and would all but guarantee a front row position at the start of the race. Whatever the way, please include the following information:
Class: 50T, 100T, 150T / 50P, 100P, 150P
Mobile phone numbers during the race:
Allergies and/or medical conditions that the organisers should be aware off (however, please ignore minor mental ones or such...):

To complete the registration pay 60 € / person (30 € for club members; 55 € for compatriot clubs' members) to the bank account: FI23 5542 2340 3248 47 (Pekka Ylä-Nikkilä/Peräkylän Ponnistus), message "Synkkis 2020".

Registration status

Traditionally, we have given a significant portion of the entry fees to some local charity, for example, sports equipment to a local kindergarden or school. We will carry on in the same way, although we haven't yet decided on the recipient. Tentatively, roughly 10 € / sufferer + cancellations.

Cancellation policy

If a participant needs to cancel due to injury or illness (but not for mental reasons), then it is possible to 'rollover' the participation to following year. However, should the cancellation be due to other reasons, then all the monies will be given to our the charity we select.
In case the race wouldn't be organized in the following year, then all 'rolled over fees will go to the charity that we select.
Should we end up cancelling the race (re: á la corona), then we will refund the paid entry fees. Othwerwise, no refunds will be made.

General Info

-Depending on the mindset of the course master/s, at least basic orienteering skills are required. On some years, the orienteering has been fairly easy, but in some years not (***)...
-The checkpoints are published some time on Friday October 16th -latest at the crack of dawn on Saturday- as GPS coordinates. Competitors are responsible for obtaining the required maps. Note: Kansalaisen karttapaikka is a good starting point for the maps, and in many cases (***) those maps have even been quite sufficient.
-With the checkpoints, there may be some extra tasks, but nobody really knows. So, just be prepared, like a true scout!
-You will need to supply your own food and drinks. The organisers don't give you anything until you reach the finish.
-Traditionally there is a 'swimming checkpoint'. Although you are not allowed to swim more than a few metres, it should still give you a good idea of late autumn swimming. Brrrr! The organisers will provide you with the required safety equipment. If you don't fancy swimming, there is usually an option to do some extra distance on foot or by bike, but so far, everyone has opted to go for a cold water dip.
-If you end up quitting, for any reason, we have a carcass taxi, which will pick you up and take you to the competition centre. Please note that the service has no SLA: you will get it, but not necessarily in five minutes...

The list of required and recommended equipment.

Naturally, common sense should be the most important thing to bring along with you. However, if you are a participant of this race, then you might have already run out of that.
Anyway, here are some of the basic things to start with (most items per team):

-GPS tracking device, which you get from organizers (if you loose it, you pay for it...).
-Mobile phone with enough power -& spare power!- for the whole duration of the race. Into your phone, you must store the following phone numbers: emergency 112, race director, and carcass taxi drivers. Also, if you have a smart phone, it needs to have "112 Suomi" -emergency app (
-Space blanket.
-Basic first aid kit. Please, note that Spotify and First Aid Kit -band is not enough.
-Enough food and drinks.
-Proper clothes (checking weather forecast before the race might be a good idea...).
-Safety vest / reflecting tags or like.
-Torch / flasflight (á la headlamp). Cyclists must have rear red light, too.

Getting there

When arriving you must drive to centre via Somerontie (road number 280); driving through Nummikulma from Hauhulantie is forbidden. There should be enough parking place around the centre. There will be organizer assistants to guide you.

Come in good time as sign-in and final adjustments tend to take some time. 45 - 60 Minutes prior to your start suffices for the most.
There will be a "shoe park" next to the front door; i.e. not inside with outdoor shoes.
In the centre there are toilets within sauna & showers; same building but separate income. Additionally there is "old time WC" in the nearby storehouse.

"Traffic rules"

It is forbidden to go through yards/backyards, cultivated lands and like. When publishing the checkpoints a few bigger forbidden areas are published, too. Needless to say what is means to go through forbidden areas...
Normal traffic rules apply.
Please, try not to shine your strong headlambs to house windows. Some people might not fancy nocturnal light shows in their bedrooms...


In checkpoints there is reflecting tape for easier spotting. Write down the code traditionally with paper & pen (keeping it in waterproof bag).
If you are absolutely sure that you have reached the checkpoint, try again -most probably you have made a mistake. However, it is possible that somebody has done some nature cleaning and taken it away: in this case call race director or carcass taxi drivers.

Swimming Checkpoint

When getting there, contact the organizers (you recognize them from warm and dry cloths) for instructions.
Dress: swimming suit or less. No neoprene suits or like.
Organizers do they best to keep the swimming area free of ice.

After the race

Return the GPS tracking device and checkpoint codes; in return you will get a price. Yes, in this race everyone get to the podium!
Sauna and showers are in free use (separate for men & for women).
There will be free food (soup), coffee etc.
In the competition centre there is possibility to sleep. Please, have your own bedclothes or sleeping bag (the latter might be better idea). If you decide to finish at the same time as most others, then a camping mattress might be novel idea.
Competition centre closes on Sunday at noon.

Carcass taxi

If you end up needing the taxi, please note that competition area is large and it might take even an hour or so to get the ride. So, warm spare clothes might be a good idea... Priority will be given to ones injured. In case of real emergency, contact fir