Peräkylän Ponnistus, which translates as Backwoods Hillbillies, is a unique sports association dedicated to promoting the physical and mental well-being of its members.

Founded in the 1980s, the association engages in various sporting activities such as running competitions, deep-sea diving, mountain climbing, white-water rafting, open-sea sailing and wilderness trips. Sauna evenings, garden parties and the distribution of grants to mature individuals are also part of our traditions.

The association, which was officially registered in 1995, has a rich history intertwined with Finnish sports culture and continues to contribute by organising notable events and competitions.

Peräkylän Ponnistus organises several competitions and events each year, details of which can be found on these pages. The content of our website and other communications is in Finnish, but we also speak and understand English. If you would like to participate in our events, you are welcome to join us!

We also serve in English.